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Dear Physician,


Welcome to the fun and enjoyment of practicing medicine again!

     After years of decreasing reimbursements, increasing patient volumes, administrative hassles, and growing piles of paperwork, I decided to make a bold decision - change.  Despite all of the changes around us, we still believe the medical practice we started years ago is, fundamentally, the right way to care for patients and generate a paycheck.

     I took a leap of faith and changed the way I wanted to care for my patients - I wanted to spend more time with patients, listen to their concerns, and offer significant, dramatic, life-changing treatment options.  My patients now tell me they're happy, energetic, vibrant - and feel 20 years younger.
     This change also afforded me a freedom I hadn't had in years - the freedom to generate a new, cash-based revenue stream.  I'm now able to see half the typical daily patient volume, with a dramatic increase in revenue, and new patient appointments are higher than ever before.

     I decided to develop a program to treat one of the most advertised, well-known, but poorly managed medical issues of the 21st century - "Low- T" and other hormonal imbalances.  Over 14 million men, and millions more women over the age of 40, struggle with low testosterone and other hormone deficiencies.  I've taken existing treatments, improved their quality of life, and developed  more new strategies to  improve energy, sleep, libido, and weight loss.  I have countless numbers of patients (some in their 80's) who have re-energized and rejuvenated their zest for life, family and career.

     Please join me and other WellnessMD Centers*-- trained physicians around the country to learn why our training program not only can provide a rebirth for your patients' quality of life, but also provides a smart business opportunity - the opportunity to experience the fun and enjoyment of practicing medicine again!


David Fein MD, FACOG

Founder and Medical Director


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